Summary of Necropsy Results - Burreaux

To begin, thank you to our loving and caring followers. The past few weeks mourning the loss of our beloved Burreaux have been tough on the entire Zoo staff and community as a whole. We appreciate your kind words of support.

We wanted to share with you the results of his necropsy. After thorough test results were reviewed, the cause of death was determined to be anaphylactic shock. This is an unfortunate incident that could have been caused by an insect bite or allergic reaction that could not have been predicted.

Additional testing, far above & beyond the norm, was performed in order to rule out any other possible causes – all of which came back negative, including COVID-19. In fact, the pathologist stated that the animal was in excellent nutritional and muscular condition and there is no evidence of poor management or negligence.

We have been unable to find any zoological institutions who have seen something of this nature previously. Our hope is to share this with the global Zoo community in the event that they were to see a similar presentation in their animal collection, perhaps it might help.