Baton Rouge Zoo Announces Birth of Female Reticulated Giraffe

Baton Rouge Zoo Announces Birth of Female Reticulated Giraffe

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo is happy to announce the birth of a female reticulated giraffe on August 31, 2021. The calf was born to an 8-year-old, second-time mother, Rosie, and a 15-year-old father, Rowan. To this point, the calf appears to be progressing as expected. This is the 21st giraffe born at the Baton Rouge Zoo. The last calf born at the Baton Rouge Zoo was Burreaux on December 26, 2019.

A giraffe’s gestation period is typically between 14 to 17 months in duration & it is typical for a newborn giraffe to weigh 100lbs – 150lbs and stand between 5ft and 6ft tall at birth. Average life expectancy for a giraffe in human care is around 20 years.

Giraffes live in eastern, central and southern portions of Africa. They range across savannah, grasslands, and open woods in search of trees to feed upon. As a species, the reticulated giraffe is considered “Endangered” in the wild. This is primarily due to human poaching and encroachment on natural habitats.

The number of giraffes in the wild has plummeted by 40% in the past 30 years. Many conservationists refer to this as “silent extinction” because it’s been such a slow decline that it’s almost gone unnoticed. Today, there are only 68,000 giraffes left in the wild. The Baton Rouge Zoo participates in conservation giving to help protect this species in the wild and the community can help too. Go HERE to learn more making a difference in safeguarding this species in the future.

Sadly, the mortality rate for giraffes ages 6 months and under is nearly 50%. “Our keeper, curator & veterinary staff are incredibly skilled and are monitoring the mother and calf closely. This expert care and supervision will hopefully lead to good outcomes. The progress of the calf over the coming few days & weeks will be crucial, said Phil Frost, Zoo Director.

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