Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways you can purchase a Friends of the Zoo membership. Please read the following for processing and activation times. If you purchased your membership:


Your membership is active right away and you will receive a digital membership card via email shortly after purchasing.

On Zoo grounds:

Your membership is active right away and you will receive a digital membership card via email shortly after purchasing.

On the phone:

Your membership will be active right away and you will recieve a digital membership card via email shortly after purchasing.

Although many options for purchasing a membership exist, the fastest way to obtain a membership is online.

Membership is valid for general admission entrance to the Baton Rouge Zoo during regular operating hours all year long. There are no blackout dates or restrictions. Membership includes free admission to Zippity Zoo Fest and Boo at the Zoo. Membership does not cover entrance to other special events, programs, camps or tours. Please call or check the website for specific information about Zoo programs.

All of our memberships are valid one year from the date of purchase; so if you purchase your membership on April 15, it will be valid until April 15 of the following year.

No. If you renew early, the extra time will be added to your new membership.

Choose the gift option underneath the desired membership tier. On the membership application, there is a section that says, "If this is a gift, please complete:" Fill in your contact information rather than the gift recipient's contact information.

No, gift certificates are not available at this time but gift memberships are. All memberships must be purchased with the intended recipient's information. If you would like something physical to present your gift recipient with, you may request a downloadable certificate. Contact to make a request.

You can purchase your membership on your mobile device or at the Zoo's Main Entrance when you arrive at the Zoo.

Yes, but you must purchase your membership on the same day that you purchased your tickets and have your receipt. Please note that only those individuals covered by the level of membership you purchase will have their admissions applied to the cost of the membership.

Membership Cards

You will receive your digital membership card instantly. If you have any issues, you can reach the Zoo Membership Office at 225.775.3877 x 6212 or email

Yes, please present your photo ID at the membership window to receive a courtesy lookup.

To prevent misuse of memberships, we require that all named adult cardholders present photo ID upon entering the Zoo.

No, your membership card(s) and associated privileges are not transferable to any other individual. Your membership has a tremendous value. To protect the rights of our members, we will ask to see your photo ID, such as a driver's license, at the time of your visit.

If the adults on your membership are named, only those adults may use the membership card. If you would like to bring additional guests on your membership please consider purchasing the Honorary Keeper membership which allows you to bring 4 additional guests each visit.

We recommend calling the zoo or aquarium ahead of time to see what membership they honor. You must have your Baton Rouge Zoo membership card with you in order to be admitted to a reciprocal zoo under our reciprocity agreement. Each zoo is different, and they may only honor the equivalent of our Zoo's Household level. If you do not have your membership card with you, you will have to pay the regular admission fee.

Please call 225.775.3877 x 6212 or email

My Membership Account

It is very important that we have your most up-to-date information. If we have old information, you may not receive your members' only newsletter and other important information. You will not be issued a new card if you update your membership information so you will not incur any fees. To update your information please call 225.775.3877 x 6212 or email

No. Memberships become active immediately upon purchase and cannot be suspended.

No. Memberships are nontransferable and are valid only for the person named on the card.

Membership Benefits

Please follow this link to see our list of Reciprocating Zoos. For further questions in regards to reciprocity, please call (225) 775-3877 ext. 6253.

Yes, there is a 15% discount for members at the Safari Post gift shop.

No, your Zoo membership includes general admission to the Zoo only. There is no discount for members to host a birthday party or to attend a birthday party. There is a fee for each person (for members as well) to enter the party room.