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BREC's BATON ROUGE ZOO Art Gone Wild Contest

Sponsored by Baton Rouge Parents Magazine

Thank you for joining us for Art Gone Wild! Nearly 50 pieces of art were entered and more than 400 votes were cast for first, second and third place winners in each age category. The grand prize winner was selected by a panel of community judges: Toni Brown, Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge; Dr. Jordana Pomeroy, LSU Museum of Art; Elizabeth Weinstein, Louisiana Arts and Science Museum; and Travis Munson, Baton Rouge Gallery.


WinnersGrand Prize Winner

  Alexander Garrett

 ALLIGATOR CATEGORY (Children up to 2nd Grade)

    Cordelia Carlin 
First Place

EAGLE CATEGORY (Children 3rd - 6th Grade)

      Olivia King    
First Place

 GIRAFFE CATEGORY (Children 7th - 12th Grade)

      Anna Morris    
First Place

 RHINO CATEGORY (Adult Beginners and Non-Professionals)

  David James Galin
First Place

ELEPHANT CATEGORY (Adult Professional)

     Mary Heckman  
First Place




  • Alligator: Children up to 2nd Grade
  • Eagle: Children 3rd - 6th Grade
  • Giraffe: Children 7th - 12th Grade
  • Rhino: Adult beginners and non-professionals
  • Elephant: Adult professional


Grand Prize Winner
- Honorary Keeper (Patron) Level Membership to Friends of the Baton Rouge Zoo
- Behind the scenes tour for winner and 3 guests
- Winning Artwork featured on the cover of Wild Times, the Zoo's newsletter
- Original painting by the Zoo's rhino
- A collectible Baton Rouge Zoo ornament (featuring an alligator)

First Place Winners
- Household membership to Friends of the Baton Rouge Zoo
- Original painting by one of the Zoo's tigers
- A collectible Baton Rouge Zoo ornament (featuring an alligator)

Second and Third Place Winners
- An original painting by one of the Zoo's outreach animals
- A collectible Zoo Ornament (featuring an alligator)

Fun Fact
A group of caterpillars is called an army.
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