BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo - Come Travel Around the World with Us!

Change for Change

There are several ways to support your Zoo. The Baton Rouge Zoo is dedicated to connecting people with animals, and we appreciate your help in achieving this mission.

Donate your time as a Zoo Volunteer.

Another way to support the Zoo is through our membership program. Join Friends of the Baton Rouge Zoo and visit the Zoo year-round for free. Ask your employer if your company has a matching program. Your employer may match your membership donation to the Zoo!

There are also opportunities for companies and organizations to support the Zoo. Our Corporate Sponsorship program has the right fit for your company.

Learn about the conservation projects that your Zoo supports. Rare and endangered species like the Malayan tiger and the golden lion tamarin need our help.


Fun Fact
The national animal symbols for Australia are the kangaroo and the emu.
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